Ready to Look & Feel Great?

Lose Weight - Increase energy  
Heal Your Gut & Eliminate Toxins  

In this 14 Day Program Emily will guide you on a 3 day gut-healing cleanse, followed by 11 days of yummy gluten, dairy & sugar free meals. 
All for only $27! 

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What You'll Be Getting

When purchasing the Mind Body Reset you’ll receive
    • The Recipe Ebook. Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and delicious!
    • 14 Day Meal Plan 
    • ​3 Day Traditional Cleanse. That will Heal your gut, reboot your metabolism, eliminate toxins & boost your energy. Using ancient principles from the oldest healing science in the world. 
    • ​Printable Food Journal. Forget diet fads, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Use this food journal following the 14 day program to identify which foods help you feel great and those that don't. 

    Who's This For?

      • Anyone wanting to return to their ideal weight & feel vibrant
      • ​People who are stressed or have trouble sleeping
      • ​Those who've tried dieting and can't face another fad!
      • ​Anyone who suffers from digestive issues
      • ​People who want to uncover any food sensitivies 


      • Weight Loss 
      • ​Eliminate bloating & constipation
      • ​Clearer Skin 
      • ​Reduced stress and Anxiety
      • ​Metabolism boost
      • ​Clear Toxins 
      • ​Increased Energy 
      • ​Improved focus
      • ​Increased Happiness 
      • ​Better Sleep

      How It Works

      Phase 1

      For the first 3 days of this 14 day meal plan, you'll be eating an ancient cleansing dish which rapidly clears toxins and builds digestive fire. Plus, it tastes great! From day one you'll eliminate gluten, dairy & refined sugar.  After just three days you'll be feeling lighter, brighter & ready to move onto phase 2.

      Phase 2

      Over the next 11 days in you'll be munching on nourishing recipes, jam packed with ingredients proven by science to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost vitality & enhance weight loss. This no-fuss approach for busy people minimises time in the kitchen by eating last night's leftovers for lunch. 'Cook once, eat twice' Winning!

      Phase 3

      Finally, Phase 3 is slowly re-introducing the foods you eliminated, and closely monitoring your body's response to decide if those foods work for you, or, if you're better off eliminating them for good. You’ll use the printable food journal to track your results and gain insights that will change your life!


      Learn how you can increase your health-span right away at home!  Discover practices from the oldest healing science in the world.
      Get a free copy of my 30 minute Documentary , valued at $29.99 ‘The Forgotten Cure’ with every bundle purchased. The film follows me and a group of students to a healing retreat in India & chronicles their transformations.

      Meet The Author

      Hi There! I've personally overcome anxiety, low energy & digestive issues in my own life & now it is my joy to empower you to do the same! For the past decade I have been dedicated to the wellness of each and every person I've served through live retreats, online coaching programs, books and courses. I am so passionate about helping people find joy and peace through my no-fuss approach to food. I hope to see you on the inside! 

      Praise for Emily

      "Thank you, Emily. I have been struggling with anxiety and I feel so wonderful after this”

      Rhonda, Australia 

      “It feels so good to give the mind and body a detox! I feel so refreshed” 

      Sue, Australia 

      “I am 80 years old and you are the first person to actually help me. You have truly become my long distance guide,teacher and mentor!”

      Michelle, United States 

      “ I am in a more balanced state of mind with less stress and worries.”

      Helen, Australia 

      “I feel I've been reset and re-invigorated, physically and mentally.”

      Lyn, Australia

      “I am feeling renewed with a positive, happy new lease on my life! Thank you, awesome!”

      Bec, Australia 

      Why This Works

      I have curated foods and created delicious recipes containing these naturally occurring wonder chemicals …

      1. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that plays a leading role in sleep, appetite and impulse control. Also, the production of Seratonin, known as The Happy Hormone is dependent on the availability of Tryptophan which the body can not produce on its own.

      2. Magnesium can improve sleep and reduce anxiety

      3. Antioxidants reduce inflammation which has been linked to depression

      4. Phytonutrients which help protect the brain from the impacts of stress

      5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids reduce inflammation, improve digestion, support liver function, reduce obesity, protect the liver, support reproduction and the immune and nervous systems AND have anti-aging qualities! Yes Please!

      6. Selenium rich foods help reduce inflammation, including these foods can improve brain communication and neurotransmitter functioning associated with mood, memory, and emotions.

      7. Probiotics to stimulate the feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine 

      Money Back Guarantee

      I 100% guarantee you will love this bundle or I’ll return your $27 and let you keep the bundle anyway.

      That’s correct. If you’re unhappy for any reason, you don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me and I’ll refund you $27 with no questions asked.

      How’s that for fair?

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